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About Us

Hi there! I’m AK Draven

I’m 28 and an intermediate photographer who loves to photograph the nature around me, plus taking in a few projects along the way. 
I’m currently a student, studying for a bachelor’s degree in photography, which will aid me in my journey to get the best and highest quality photos.

I’m a father to three lovely young daughters, with a wife-to-be, so during my spare time, I spend it with them to create memories which will last a lifetime, much like the photos I can produce for my clients.
Armed with my Nikon D7200, I am willing to go that extra mile to create stunning pieces with my camera and my skills. I love to photograph at events, such as weddings, birthdays and charity events. Not only that, I’m willing to take beautiful portraits of family members, work colleagues or friends to hang on a wall or to put in a business brochure.
I’m always up for a challenge! I’m easy to talk to, super friendly and I get straight to the point. Once I start a project, I am committed to seeing it to its end. I am not afraid to get dirty, so long as the job gets done and I produce professional photographs.
I am able to edit photographs in Photoshop after the shoot to create stunning effects for the final print. This can range from a simple blemish fix to a light effect or even special element effects. 

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